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HISTORY OF THE ANGORA RABBIT:  The Angora Rabbit Has had an interesting past. It was regarded as a god or an idol by the ancient Babylonians. It was a pet for the French royalty of the middle Ages, and currently the Angora is a producer of one of the finest wools on earth. Angora Rabbits come from Ankara, Turkey in Asia Minor. This is also the home of the Angora goat. When the Medes and the Persians conquered the Babylonians, they found well established worship of the long haired rabbit god. The Angora rabbit was also a pet in the Sultan's harem.


 Is there a difference between "German" and a "Giant" angora? 

If so, what is it? Why does it matter?   

Do angora rabbit owners need to know the real truth on this topic? 

You bet they do!!! 

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"COMPLETELY ANGORA" We have just a couple left of “brand new, never opened, OOP” Book Regarded by many as the “bible” on angora rabbits.   A must have if you are interested in fiber, showing, breeding, and keeping angora rabbits.  Chapters on everything angora A-Z!  (Proper angora housing, healthy checkup, medical know how, removal of wool, physiology of angora, feeding angora and much more)  Book is out of print but very, very relevant today.  Nicely illustrated and beautiful photos too. 

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link about dangers of visiting fairs, other rabbit farms , -vet Q/A quote-


GastroIntestinal Stasis*, The Silent Killer:  *(sometimes called "wool block")

 Article written by Dana M. Krempels, Ph.D., Department of Biology-University of Miami-Coral Gables, FL 33124

  It's an all too familiar story. "My bunny stopped eating, and then she just died."  When we ask for details, we often learn that not only did the bunny stop eating, but she had been producing extremely small or even no fecal droppings, or showed symptoms of "runny stool." True diarrhea (unformed, liquid fecal matter) is uncommon in rabbits. The runny stool sometimes misidentified as "diarrhea" in rabbits is more often composed of unformed, almost-liquid cecotropes. 





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important note-

Did you know that the comings and goings of visitors to the rabbitry can cause untreatable  fatal injuries and illnesses?

Did you know that the comings and goings of visitors can cause bunnies to stomp their strong back legs and feet very hard and loud in their cage as a warning of danger to other bunnies?

Yes,  in fact  does with baby bunnies often will jump, lunge, and stomp wildly back and forth in their cage;  and any doe stomping and jumping back and forth frantically like this with a young litter in her nest box can cause her tiny bunnies to be mutilated, injured or killed in her frenzy. Some mothers will eat their newborn kits when they sense unfamiliar activity, voices, or noise.

Adult bunnies  stomping in response to visitors, noise and unfamiliar activity can give themselves a broken hip, neck or back.   This high anxiety and stomping type fear induced behavior is often spread quickly throughout the entire barn.  Soon all the bunnies are frantically stomping and stamping their feet... this type of stress will also lower the immunity of all the rabbits. 

We maintain a quiet bio-secure closed rabbitry; no visitors are permitted to enter.  Why?  time and staff limitations, In order to prevent injury and disease, keep our rabbits healthy and stress free, keep our operating costs down, insurance constraints, and also to insure the privacy and safety of our family and home.  Thank you for supporting us in maintaining the health and well being of all concerned. 


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