Angora Rabbits, Cages, & Fiber Arts

GERMAN AND GIANT ANGORA BUNNIES- VT USA- Cages & Rabbit supplies, organic fiber & handspun yarns, fiber arts supplies...n more

Luxury Organic Fibers

All our fibers come from our organic raised animals that are carefully and lovingly shorn. (cruelty free).


Our own Shetland wool available skirted or un-skirted.  Most fleeces weigh between 2-5# each, must buy entire fleece.  Our fleeces have very little v.m. and spin wonderfully from the lock!  we offer hoggit, lamb, and adult fleeces when available.priced $12 & up per pound depending on age of sheep, sex, length of wool, color of wool etc...  


Our own cruelty free Prime German & Giant Angora Fiber, available by 8 oz. or 16 oz.

 Beautiful white angora fibers take on dyes beautifully!  (dye yous today!)



naturally dyed Fibers: silk blends, soy silk, silk latte, silk coils,wool blends.

 baby alpaca, de-haired camel. alpaca swirl (gray)


dyed golden wools

  shades of indigo