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GERMAN AND GIANT ANGORA BUNNIES- VT USA- Cages & Rabbit supplies, organic fiber & handspun yarns, fiber arts supplies...n more

 Organic Natural, Dyed Fibers & Hand-spun Yarns   made here in small batches

 All our fibers come from our organic raised animals

that are carefully and lovingly shorn. (cruelty free)


Our own Shetland wool

Available skirted or un-skirted.  Most fleeces weigh between 2-5# each, must buy entire fleece. Our fleeces have very little v.m. and spin wonderfully from the lock!  we offer hoggit, lamb, and adult fleeces when available.priced $12 & up per pound depending on age of sheep, sex, length of wool, color of wool etc... 


naturally dyed Fibers: silk blends, soy silk, silk latte, silk coils,wool blends.

 baby alpaca, de-haired camel. alpaca swirl (gray)

           shades of indigo            dyed golden wools



-Prime White German angora fiber-

Ours is harvested cruelty free (shorn not plucked), clean, no second cuts, no webbing:

Beautiful White Angora takes dyes easily, 10x warmer than sheep's wool, softer than cashmere.

bulk priced @  8 oz for $80 , 16 oz for $150. & s/h/i









Hand-spun Angora Yarns

white baby weight and sport weight usually available. ask about other colors   & quantities...pricing by request.





        Organic Luxury Blends of Roving 

All processed naturally here, in small batches for your hand-spinning and felting pleasure!


  To purchase anything on this site please email us!


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also be sure you use "Fiber or Yarn" as subject line. 





                                                    Black German angora & her fibers shown above


 Luxury Hand-spun yarns all from our own lovingly raised organic critters..Each skein created here the old fashioned way; twist by twist here on traditional spindles & spinning wheels... We offer mohair, wool, cashmere, camel, alpaca, silk, silk latte, linen, and angora blends (others too, just ask).  Please let us know what project you are seeking yarn for, tell us colors preferred and amt. needed...we will see what we have here and email you back with selections.



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Natural Dyeing

Before the discovery of aneline dyes (in 1856) yarns and fabrics were all dyed with natural plant and animal dyes. The early settlers in New England made use of the abundant vegetation to dye many different colors. In addition, substances such as indigo and cochineal were available through trade with the southern colonies and with the Indies. A wide range of colors were available to the colonial housewife because of her skill in using available plants and with the addition of plant and chemical mordants. Because of the toxicity of most of the mordants, we are not going to use them in our shared dyebath recipies. (our fibers for sale that we have dyed for you were dyed with mordants and thus colors are deeper and more colorfast). While this does affect the colorfastness of the finished samples, the basic colors obtainable still represent a wide color range.

Some suggested plants to use for coloring fibers: onion skins, dandelion flowers, lavender flowers, curry, sumac , purple basil and more. Experiment with flower petals and vegetables (beets), have fun! Dye Happy!
Basic Recipe:
Fill 6-quart enamel or aluminum or enameled pot loosely with plant material and cover with water. Bring to a boil and boil gently for 30 - 60 minutes. Strain plant material and discard, saving the dye liquid. Put the wet fleece and/or fabric in the dye bath and simmer gently 30 - 90 minutes. (Length of time will determine intensity of color). After 30 minutes, add 1 cup of vinegar to help set the color. Remove the pot from the heat and (a.) rinse the fleece/fabric now, or (b) leave the fleece/fabric in the dye bath overnight (for stronger color). Rinse fleece/fabric well and air dry.

We have some beautiful rovings, handspun yarns and knit kits in an array of naturaly dyed colors, email us for current limited small batch selections .

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