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purchase prefrence form


         Customer's Bunny Selection Preference Form


For those interested in purchasing one of our beautiful, friendly bunnies

We have designed this form to help us offer you perfect selection of Bunnies to best meet your needs.

      Please reply to each question and

       then hit 'submit' button at bottom : 

(on multiple choice questions several answers are okay where applicable, & when answering the free form questions please give as much detail as possible)

When filling out preference form please keep in mind Show/breeding quality bunnies

are considerably more expensive than pet or hand-spinner quality.

           Prices for Pedigree German/giant angora rabbits average $200-350.

We look forward to helping you find your "some-bunny special to love"

Thanks so much!

*please check off type(s) & color(s) of bunnies desired- if available? (multiple selections ok)
German Hybrid
French (if available)
Unsure wether we want german, giant, hybrid or french, please help us select
Color -REW (albino)
color -Black
Color-what colors are available at this time for me to choose from?
Color: help us choose
color: not important
*What Sex Bunny do you Prefer?
either is okay
whatever one has best show type &/or personality
*Bunny will be primarily for :
Show (4h)
Show (arba)
Wool production
bunny will live in our home  barn  backyard  on our enclosed porch  in our garage  we havent decided where to put bunny's cage and would like some feedback on this from
our new bunny will: have it's own cage constructed of 14 guage welded wire 1/2"x1" floor & 1x2 walls & roof. (like those sold on's page
Our new angora bunny will share a cage with our other bunny(s)
bunny will live in: an all wire cage
i have read the angora education info page of this website & agree our angora will each have a seperate all wire cage, We understand cage must be draft free and out of weather (ie: in a barn, enclosed porch, inside our home etc). We promise to not use wood cage components, flimsy 1/2 x 1/2 hardware cloth or hex wire cage components.
we plan on buying our new bunny one of the cages sold at
we need help deciding about cage type and size of cage
new bunny is for a child under 18  bunny is for a child under 12
bunny is for our entire family, and our children will assist in bunny care
bunny is for entire family and child will be primary caregiver
bunny is for an adult, or one or more adults (no children in home)
I have: owned Angora Before
We currently own one or more angora
We own pet bunny with short fur / or / we have owned short haired bunnies before
We have no experience owning rabbits
We have other small/ medium size pets
we have large pets
we have livestock
We thank you for taking the time to read all the angora information on our homepage. We also thank you for your time in filling in this form. Please note: The primary concern of is to sell bunnies only to the most suitable homes; We welcome beginners and provide online free education pages and lifetime mentoring after purchase...we realize that not all those interested in owning angora are experienced or knowledgeable about the specialized care/needs of a French, German or Giant angora; We would hope that “newbies” would do pre-purchase angora care research and understand the special care and long term commitment of owning angora. Angora are not the kind of animal to cage, feed and forget… This rabbitry reserves the right to select only the best homes for its bunnies. By submission of this form we are agreeing that we understand that Loves its bunnies and therefore reserves the right to refuse to sell angora bunnies to anyone for any reason. We put the bunny’s needs first…We provide free care manual and lifetime support with each new bunny purchase. THANKS SO MUCH FOR CONTACTING US!
*Do you plan to breed bunny you purchase from us?
*If approved for purchase, would you be interested in having us show you how to trim your bunnies nails, remove its wool and how to properly lift & handle your new bunny?
Yes! I would love a free mini demo at time of purchase.
No thank you, I am an experienced angora owner.

Once we receive your bunny purchase preference form

We will we forward you details on our

currently available bunnies that best meet your criteria. 

We will also include a bunny reservation form

Please be aware that we are located in southern Vermont
and do not ship or deliver rabbits.

All reserved rabbits are by appointment only. 

 If you will you be traveling from out of our area to purchase from us

we will gladly suggest lodging & dining referrals and such... just ask!

Be sure to read our rabbit education links for Bunny handling, care, and health tips and info. 

F.M.I. please contact us by clicking.  

We look forward to helping you find "some-bunny to love"!

We respect your privacy and do not share or sell your information. 


Please note, we ship cages and supplies, not bunnies