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GERMAN AND GIANT ANGORA BUNNIES- VT USA- Cages & Rabbit supplies, organic fiber & handspun yarns, fiber arts supplies...n more

                             Angora & Fiber Arts Eweporium 


We enjoy the fiber arts
and our lovingly produced show,
Wool and companion animals

We are not a large corporation,
Simply one family providing the finest in organic fiber and
hand spun yarns, fiber arts equipment,
and selectively bred exotic fiber animals .

We are a BA in fiber arts,
certified animal care management specialist,
and a retired vet assistant.  

 Our Product lines are pretty extensive some of our items include
organic Shetland hand spinning fleeces, prime organic angora fiber
& hand-spun yarns, rabbit cages, knitting books, animal care books,
craft videos, weaving frame looms, combs, carders, ball winders, swifts,
yardage counters, needles for felting, washboards, felt kits,  and more!

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contact or buy from us through this website and  email.


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We offer Pedigreed German Angora, Giant Angora
and German Hybrid Angora Bunnies
for sale by appointment in S.VT

-sorry, animals not shipped.


click 'bunnies for sale' sign f.m.i.


Now accepting reservations on BABY BUNNIES!!!! 

Angora Rabbits for show, wool, and companionship for sale to approved homes


♥organic fibers produced by our own animals ♥

Everything for the knitter, weaver, hand-spinner, wet and needle-felter.

We gladly ship fiber arts equipment and supplies via UPS to USA only


We are NOW accepting reservations on Beautiful German, French and Giant Angora bunnies


Click on hopping bunny cartoon below to visit our Angora rabbit's for sale page!


now available:

(to approved homes-) 

100% German Angora,

 99.9% German Hybrid Angora in Black or REW (albino) , and Giant Angora Bunnies. 

 ( 2/5/111 pet quality bunny from French angora Sable buck x with German rew Angora doe available to approved buyer)

-Please scroll down for bunny purchase information-

  Now accepting reservations

on Show quality, pet friendly,

healthy, luxury wool

angora bunnies !

(German's from 2002 & 2006 import lines available)
Each of our bunnies is handled regularly from birth
and Socialized with our entire family (2 and 4 legged)!

We occasionally have breeding pairs & trios for sale.


Please note: We do not ship or deliver our animals for their safety and health.  


Click here for angora rabbit availability page link


Click here for Angora purchase inquiry form.



  ALL our critters get plenty of socialization!

All our Angora Rabbits are used to grooming, toenail clipping,
litter box trained and receive lots of handling
before they are even weaned!

All our Angora are exceptionally tame and sweet -
they are selectively bred by us to produce gentle non matting wool producers.


 We offer 2002 & 2006 imported German lines, Giant Angora, German Hybrid angora to approved buyers by appointment in SouthernVermont. Rabbit pedigree,  starter feed, care booklet, how to groom-care for demonstration and ifetime support for our new "parents" included. 

We Guarantee our animals to be healthy and friendly.





We are an ARBA registered Rabbitry and belong to NARBC


Angora Rabbitry

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Click here for angora rabbit availability page link  



Interested in Buying one of our Angora Bunnies? 


Click here for our customer bunny preference pre-sale questionnaire



Thank you for your interest in our animals and products.


A+ Quality Cages & supplies shipped UPS




100% Organic Wool, soysilk, and angora, and exotic fibers  for handspinners and felters.
We SHIP fiber arts supplies and rabbit cages to the USA 











Eweporium fan modeling a handspun handwoven Mohair shawl,  Next to her is the original owner of the mohair in her shawl!   Our Marilyn Monroe (angora goat! 


Do you love spindles?


See what limited edition Hand lathed spindles we currently offer. 


 ♥  Click here for current natural organic  dyed fiber selection.

♥  Organic fibers produced by our own animals 


We SHIP fiber arts supplies and rabbit cages to the USA

Available for sale:

 Everything for the knitter, weaver, hand spinner, and felter:
Swedish skein winders and ball winders,
yardage counters, and everything for the knitter,
weaver, hand-spinner, wet and needle-felter...more


  Naturally dyed Organic wool and exotic fibers



assorted frame

looms  & sets



    ---- We offer: ----♥  Handspun yarns, fleece, roving, angora fiber, full line of fiber arts tools, how to fiber arts books and also some wonderful livestock books. a few examples include storey publishing's books on sheep raising, goat keeping, llama care, rabbit care, and occasionally an OOP copy of completely angora!  Please email us to purchase Angora Rabbits, cages or Fiber Arts supplies or crafts.   

 sorry, we ship to USA only. 

   Please click on the email us plate to contact us.







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We not do business at our home; there is no brick and mortar store. 

All fiber arts & rabbit supplies are sold only through our website

& shipped to your door. 

Reserved rabbits are picked up by appointment only.  No Exceptions. 




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