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GERMAN AND GIANT ANGORA BUNNIES- VT USA- Cages & Rabbit supplies, organic fiber & handspun yarns, fiber arts supplies...n more

                        We are an ARBA registered Rabbitry, member of ARBA, NARBC &

 Love Your Buns Angora Rabbitry at Mountainpun\'s Eweporium


Currently offering German and Giant angora bunnies

for show, wool production, and companionship

to approved buyers


Giant and German angora Bunnies

Weaned & Now taking reservations!

Beautiful blacks and rews, Both  Parents

have very nice dense wool, very very friendly bunnies,

awesome pedigree, good show, breeding potential.

Pedigree, Angora care manual, mini handling

and grooming demo at time of purchase all included.

these sweet bunnies almost fall out of the

cage trying to get picked up and held

when we open door. Will make great show, wool, or pet bunnies...



     We are NOW accepting reservation deposits

On Pedigree show quality

 Giant and German Angora bunnies!



We offer 100%German, Giant, German hybrid Angora Show Quality, Pet Personality,
Purebred, pedigree bunnies. 

All of our Bunnies are Guaranteed Friendly and healthy.      


  • They are socialized and handled since birth .     
  • Bunnies come with three generation pedigree, how to groom & care demo, care booklet, lifetime support.

 We operate a strict "biosecure" rabbitry to ensure their health and well being.(please click on our links below fmi on biosecurity)


 We sometimes have breeding age rabbits, pairs and trios for sale. 

*German angora bunnies ready to go now!



<---Giant angora bunnies ready to go now!

*German hybrid Bunnies ready to go now!


             German dam & kits

  12 week old Germans        7 days old in nestbox       


Bunny purchases come with official three generation pedigree, starter feed, how to care for angora manual, and lifetime support to our "adoptive" families. 

Please note, we do not ship angora (only cages) . 

      -For those of you new to angora-Angora can live 10+  years and require specialized grooming and care.  We provide lifetime support to our "adoptive" families.
The welfare of our animals is our number one priority

We reserve the right to refuse sale for any reason. 


 If you are interested in buying one of our beautiful angora

please fill out our customer bunny purchase preference form

  email us  

     Please note: For the safety and health of our animals they are never shipped or delivered. 


We operate as a BIO-SECURE farm 


 Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to maintain the health and well being of all concerned



We offer awesome bunny cages!

  Click here to See our cage page for details..... 

 giant angora kits



black giant doe & kits

                      2 day old giant kits, 11 one litter!

 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       need cages? books? supplies for your rabbit? 

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 -Completely Angora-

 COMPLETELY ANGORA THE 2ND EDITION, PRINTED IN CANADA: Out of Print-no longer available in stores.  We have a limited number of New /never opened- OOP mint copies for sale.

This is the "bible" on Angora Rabbit Keeping.  Topics include: rabbit selection, housing, health, disease prevention and treatments, feed, breeding, care of young, harvesting wool, much much more.   Get your own imposable to find "new" copy only $225. (while they last)  A MUST HAVE BOOK-

order now before they are all gone!

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   let us help you find that special some bunny to love  




 <<---chocolate steel french buck


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FMI-see our rabbit education page for bio-security articles.  






*Please note: most of the rabbits shown here belong to our own private show/breeding stock, have already matured, or have been sold thus they are not available for sale.  Due to the frequency of litters and fast turnover of bunnies it is not feasible for us to continuously photograph and publish each available bunny.  thus we have chosen to show rabbits who best represent the quality and type we have for offer.