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Mountainspun Farm's Eweporium of Southern Vermont USA

 Mountainspun Farm's EWEPORIUM Organic Fiber & FiberArt Equipment, Angora bunnies For Show, Wool & Companionship

 Welcome to our Eweporium! 

The place to shop for all your Fiber Arts Supplies.   



fiber arts supplies: felting n weaving tools

 This is just a sampling of the fiber art supplies we offer.

Most pictures click to email us &/or details on item.


If you don't see what you want to order,

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Diz and threader: designer woods, hand tooled.


felting needles: indicate course, medium, fine..


foam workable surface for needle felting

(keeps you safe from getting stuck)

 Add some Glitz N Glam to felting work.. these bond with heat,  Instructions incl.

sample of heat bonded fibers in felt work.

Needle felting Holder tool : holds 6 needles, fits nicely in hand, easy to use, safer to use.

Holds 20 needles for needle felting

 Book: Feltmaking projects for children

 (also great for adults just learning to wet felt, needle felt)


Book: needle felting art techniques and projects.






Remember these?

Potholder Weaving Loom -This is a great activity for car trips or any time you or your child wants an activity contained to the lap. Also, from personal experience, we can offer a word to the wise: avoid looms with plastic pegs ... they break easily! This is a durable metal loom, and the pegs are curved back to keep the cotton loops in place. Instructions and a double ended hook included. Ages 6+ (loops sold separately)   $12.99

Deluxe Wool Potholder Weaving Loom Kit- metal frame potholder loom with curved back pegs to prevent slipping off, double ended hook, instructions & enough WOOL (flameproof) Loopers to make 2 potholders included. $20.00

Bag of cotton loops- of bright mixed colors. Cotton loops are not suitable for high heat and are not flameproof.   Contains enough cotton loops to make lots of beautiful potholders.  $21.99

Bag of Wool loops - Use these to make potholders to use without fear of melting or burned hands. Large multicolor bag of 100% pure wool yarn loops. Includes enough loops to make 3 potholders. Wool loops are machine washable, line dry. Assorted bright, attractive colors. $15.98

Potholder looms and loops - Now in stock! 

Fun project for entire family, great for scouts & church groups too!!


Learn to Spin Kit:

Fantastic learn to spin kit gives you very detailed, down to earth, and easy to understand instructions, which provide a great base of knowledge on which to build your spinning technique. The kit includes a sampling off fibers to spin (dyed or natural) and of course a drop spindle. (each kit has a min of 3 different fibers, usually a combination of roving, uncarded fibers, and or blends of various fibers like 50/50 mohair wool selection of fibers change depending on availability) $37.00

Louet top whirl Spindle $20.

 Kundert Spindles

These beautifully handcrafted top-whorl spindles made by Steve Kundert are 10.5" long with a stainless steel hook and notch on the whorl.
Weights vary between 1.4 and 1.9 ounces. They come in a variety of woods (mostly a combination of ash, cedar, walnut and cherry) so the
exact look of the spindle you purchase may not match pictures. Additionally, the multi-colored spindles can vary in the placement of the
various pieces of wood on the whorl. You might think of each as a "one of a kind."
KUNDERT-1 one color - $25             
KUNDERT-2 multi-colored - $30            

KUNDERT-3 Zig-Zag - $35             KUNDERT-4 Diamond - $35            

 KUNDERT-6 Checkers - $40
New models added regularly current Selection may vary,email for more info.


We have many models of DynaFine & the VT spindle co spindles,

Turkish spindles of oak or vt maple

  Frame looms available in many sizes... Handcrafted exotic wood looms in stock now!

Many styles and sizes,  Instructions included. 

Made In USA

Warp and weave with one continuous strand,

Easy color changes for plaid effects...

Make several and crochet together for shawls, Quilts and more! 

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 WE offer a full line of wet felting supplies and fibers:

We have washboards, felting how to books, felting videos,

we offer beautiful Shetland fleeces, Romney cross roving,

batts and a wall filled with organic natural dyed fibers perfect for your next felting project.







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