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Learn to Spin Kit $30.00 & shipping/handling/insurance

Our Fantastic learn to spin kit gives you very detailed, down to earth, and easy to understand instructions, which provide a great base of knowledge on which to build your spinning technique. The kit includes a sampling off fibers to spin (dyed or natural) and of course a cd drop spindle. (each kit has a min of 3 different fibers, usually a combination of roving, uncarded fibers, and or blends of various fibers like 50/50 mohair wool selection of fibers change depending on availability)

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Ala carte` spindles: (Please contact us for available artists, styles, and pricing)

  Louet top and bottom whirl spindles


we carry an ever changing assortment of artisian handcrafted spindles


 Kundert Spindles

These beautifully handcrafted top-whorl spindles made by Steve Kundert are 10.5" long with a stainless steel hook and notch on the whorl.
Weights vary between 1.4 and 1.9 ounces. They come in a variety of woods (mostly a combination of ash, cedar, walnut and cherry) so the
exact look of the spindle you purchase may not match pictures. Additionally, the multi-colored spindles can vary in the placement of the
various pieces of wood on the whorl. You might think of each as a "one of a kind." 

 New models added regularly current Selection may vary,email for more info 

 Brass takli and pear style spindles (for fine lace & cotton spinning)

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Learn to Spin with a Drop Spindle

Spinning was a necessity in colonial America and children learned to use a drop spindle at a very young age. It is a craft that you can learn with a minimum of equipment and expense.

spindle with fleece

1. Attach a length of yarn to your spindle. Handspun yarn works best. Tie it to the spindle just above the base 1.tie yarn
2. Hook it around the spindle below the base 2.hook around bottom
3. Loop it around the top of the spindle about an inch below the tip 3a.loop around end
3b.ready to spin
4. Start with a small amount of fleece. The fleece can be natural or dyed. 4.small amount of fleece
5a.pick the fleece 5. Pick apart the strands of the fleece with your fingers until you have a large, fluffy handful.
5b.fluffy fleece
6. Holding the spindle under your right arm, lay the yarn on the spindle over the fleece that you have just prepared 6.lay yarn over fleece
7.pinch yarn and fleece 7. Hold the yarn and fleece firmly between you left thumb and forefinger.
8. Spin the spindle clockwise by pushing with your right thumb and pulling with your right forefinger 8.spin spindle
9.yarn will grab fleece 9. As the spindle spins, the yarn will start to "grab" the fleece and spin it into yarn
10. Slowly release small amounts of fleece by pulling with your right hand while releasing pressure with your left hand 10.pull fleece
11. At the same time, keep the spindle spinning (also with your right hand) 11.keep spindle spinning
12. When you have spun as much yarn as you can comfortably reach, unhook the yarn on the top and bottom of the spindle 12.long yarn
13.wind yarn around spindle 13. Wind the yarn around the base of the spindle and repeat.
14. Continue spinning until you have filled the spindle or until you have the amount of yarn that you need 15.Once you have filled the spindle, wind off into a skein and use for knitting, weaving, or any other project.

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