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GERMAN AND GIANT ANGORA BUNNIES- VT USA- Cages & Rabbit supplies, organic fiber & handspun yarns, fiber arts supplies...n more

   Rabbit Cages, Foot relax inserts, Tatoo kits, & Bunny Accessories USA made & shipped to your door.

Quality Angora Rabbit Cages & Bunny Supplies

 Cage Design and quality are unsurpassed and made in USA     

We have developed these cages to provide for the best health and well being of  French, German and Giant  Angora Rabbits.



*These cages come with interlocking legs, and can be stacked up to 3 high. 

*If you wish to purchase a "3 stack" it is composed  of 3 separately purchased cages.   


 *Our Favorite Rabbit Cage is made of durable 14 gauge galvanized wire mesh with 1" x 2" spacing. Cage features Baby saver wire floors to provide safety for kits and a nicer walking/resting surface for adults.   Outer cage dimensions 30 x 36 x 18";

These cages are equipped with urine guards, deep 2-1/2" heavy duty Dura (non-metal) refuse tray, bottom support, tray slides and stackable interlocking Heavy gauge galvanized legs.  Cage doors are heavily reinforced & swing out for safety.  J-Feeders are for sale separately (not included with cage).

Favorite Rabbit Cages are partially assembled for quick and easy assembly with included tool, Cages are shipped  knocked down to meet shipping requirements.

The "Favorite Rabbit Cage's" Unique design allows these cages to be stacked as many as three high using provided inter-locking leg structure. 

(*To achieve a “3 stack” purchase 3 of the my favorite rabbit cages)

*Stacking cages-if you want a stack of 3 as shown on right then please order 3 @ $119.00 each- & s/h/i.

My Favorite Cage pricingBuy one of these great cages now for only $119.00 each & s/h/i .

  All equipment and cages are shipped direct to your door

and are not available for in person pickup.

To order cages:

Please email us and include:

*your full name

*UPS address 

*zip code

*item name or model# 

*quantity of cages you wish to order...

Once we receive this information

will email you an e-invoice to return to us with your payment. 

PLEASE don't forget to include your zip code...


Bunny Transport Cages -

Our Transport cages are made of 14 gauge galvanized after welding wire, have hinged top opening, 3" drop in refuse tray and handles on each end for easy carrying.

Transport cage sizes:

24x14x12- 1, 2, or 3 compartments $48.00 & s/h/i

 30x18x12 - 1, 2, or 3 compartments $68.00 & s/h/i

 Due to the current U.S. steel shortage

All cage  prices subject to change without notice

 please email us to confirm prices.

shipping is additional on all items unless otherwise stated


  Please email us your full name, ups address and zip for price quote -

 heavy duty cage Pliers for easy assembly of all wire cages,  $28. per pair plus s/h/i. (cages can be assembled with regular pliers, but will require a bit more zest) 

  NEW - Power Bunny Tattoo kit!


You and your bunnies will love this fine quality extraordinary light weight tattooing pen!  This is the original Bunny-tat; those knockoffs don't compare to this pen.  It is very easy to use and offers incredible customer service.  Bunny-Tat is far superior to other tattoo pens on the market; its adjustable shaft offers variations of needle depth so it accommodates thick and thin ears for permanence and clarity. This pen comes with color illustrations and instructions, needle guard, hard case complete with ink well and commercial tattoo ink. Additional needles available at $6.00 & up each. Bunny-tat is powered by AA batteries (included).  You can tattoo and rabbit in seconds and put them on the show table immediately.  Easy and pain free tattooing for folks with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I've owned and used a lot of tattooing tools over the years and this is one is the easiest to use and produces professional quality results.                           


                   Bunny TAT On Special this month only just $50.00 (s/h additional)

                                                Kit includes padded keeper box --->>>


Please email us to order cages 

All cage inquiries must include your full name,

UPS shipping address & zip code.

Cages are sent to direct to your door upon cleared payment.

Cages are not available for in person pickup,

Bunny Accessories:
 (shipping is additional on all items) 



Bunny foot relax floor Inserts-

This Is Exactly what your Bunny Has been asking you for!   These Wonderful inserts snap into existing wire cage floors & provide rest & healing to tired sore hocks.  You will want at least one of these in each cage!  These Will give Exceptional Results for healing red raw feet & hocks and prevent sore hocks from developing. Easily removable & clean up in soapy bleach water.      Size 10x15"

on sale - $15.99 for 3 (must order 3)



NON RUSTING Feed Hoppers!  made in USA of ABS, available in 3 1/2" std and large 5 1/2" sizes,              Feeder bottom is perforated to sift out fines.  Lid available for 3 1/2"  only (lid priced ala carte`)   *email for current pricing.


Our Heavy Duty Plastic Baby Saver/Urine guards are excellent for preventing against urine stains (on Walls, floors & nearby bunnies too!) and are wonderful in preventing babies from crawling/falling through cage wire.  They are approx. 12” long and are scored in the middle so you can make them fit your cage.  They have a 1” angle at the bottom to prevent urine from running down alongside exterior of cage.  Both corners are scored to give you a good fit in the corner of the cage.  Baby saver/urine guards easily slide over the wire on the inside of your cage.   We Like these baby saver urine guards far better than the traditional metal ones….these heavy duty plastic guards do not rust.  Specifics: Guards measure 4" high by 12" long, perforation in middle allowing you to divide each into 6” lengths for custom fitting; they have molded tabs for secure attachment. 

Available in packages of 4 baby saver/urine guard panels for $9.25 & s/h/i (four panels will give you a total of 48 linear inches); when ordering please indicate how many 4packs you require.


Nest boxes

made in USA each has removable floor for easy cleaning.

Available for Small, medium and Giant size bunnies.


Plastic Water Bottles:  
Come complete with drinking tube & cap
#6201  32 oz bottle $10.95
#6202  16 oz bottle $8.95
  *** CAGE LEG KIT*****

 These strong metal cage legs attach to most of our cages as well as many other wire cages. They raise the cage about 10-12 inches off the ground. They now are pre-drilled at the factory to accommodate our #51075 Heavy Duty Caster Kit.

This strong caster kit fits nicely onto our cage legs. Caster Kit includes 4 heavy duty casters 4" high and necessary hardware to secure casters easily lock to prevent rolling.  Castor kit priced at $68.00 & s/h/i (be sure you incl. your UPS shipping address & zip code when emailing/ordering-thanks)

Please note:

Order inquiries must include UPS address; S/H/I is additional on all items.  All Prices subject to change without notice.   



  Click license plate to email us. 


Out of Print-no longer available in stores
We have a limited number of new /never opened- OOP mint copies for sale.
This is the "bible" on Angora Rabbit Keeping.  
Topics include: rabbit selection, housing, health, disease prevention and treatments, feed, breeding, care of young, harvesting wool, much much more.  

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